We provide the best in service, quality and efficiency

At PW Mobile we believe that providing a business mobile solution which fits the customers’ requirements is second to understanding what they want to achieve. It is our mission to ensure that your requirements meet your business objective in the most cost effective and productive manner. We at PW Mobile have spent many years providing solutions to the medical industry in South Africa through a bureau which started out as an idea on paper and grew rapidly into one of the largest in the country.

Helping people has always been in our nature, this comes from working in the private medical field where medical insurance is a necessity due to poor support by the state. We spent many years helping not only the doctors but the patients to make sure they were insured and received the required financial reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Our belief is that customer support and care should be the foundation of any solution provided. Understanding that if there’s an issue in the business then it could cause a ripple effect that will hinder the processes which allows your business to perform. Everyone, from sole traders up to corporate companies, provide solutions that help their clients, so at PW Mobile we ensure the outcome supports and provides value.  We will make sure that our solutions help your business instead of hindering its progress, and that it fits within your required budget.

Paul Burrows - Technical Director

“We started PW Mobile so that we can help businesses in a market which is network focused and not client focused”. 

“Moving back to the UK, and trying to find a mobile phone plan to suit our requirements was almost impossible and with so many options and clauses we didn’t find anyone who was knowledgeable and helpful enough to assist us in our requirements”. 


Core Team

PW Mobile was created by two brothers, Chris and Paul Burrows.  Both Chris and Paul have successfully run their own companies both here and in South Africa.  They moved back to the UK in 2019 after successfully exiting their technology companies. 


Paul Burrows

Technical Director of PW Mobile
Paul Burrows, Technical Director of PW Mobile spent 7 years in South Africa working in the medical industry by creating the IT department before opening up his own IT company and managing their own outsourced IT department. When you grow with a business from an idea up to a corporate environment you pick up on the struggles which occur on a daily basis at the different levels.

Paul has a first-class degree in Computer Science (BSC Honours) from Kingston, London and 7 years’ experience in IT, telecommunications and data. He has managed IT departments at start-up level and at the corporate level with 300+ staff which brings different challenges but also allows for different solutions. His success in building his technology company was that he quickly noticed whilst working with local companies that services were being over sold and under delivered. His core value is simply to deliver a great service on time focusing on customer satisfaction as opposed to margin which is being replicated within PW Mobile.

Passion from an early age for technology, hardware and PC gaming allows Paul to continue to learn and adapt service offerings as technology changes.

Chris Burrows

Business Development Director
Chris Burrows, Business Development Director, founder of Xpedient Medical and Askprof has 10 years’ experience working within data and connectivity channels within the African medical marketplace.

Starting his first business when he was 20 in recruitment has allowed him to gain valuable knowledge in what it takes to provide value to our customers. The day to day running of a business whether it’s a SME or corporate does not pose an issue because he has seen and done first-hand with building 4 companies over the last 25 years.

Chris has been on the customers side requiring support from technology to help drive many businesses and can empathise with like-minded individuals who require the same and understands their potential frustration as sometimes you just want it to work. Providing a top-class customer service through technology & relationships with the right provider is a top priority.