Nokia 6.2 64GB

£ 16.67 for a 36 Month Business Mobile Contract


Only at £ 16.67 x 36 Months

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Nokia 6.2 64GB

£ 16.67 for a 36 Month Business Mobile Contract

  • 1GB Data
  • Unlimited minutes & texts for UK
  • Inclusive data can be used when in a free roaming country
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Mobile spend cap

1GB Data with Business Mobile Plan

Enjoy 4G data speed per month allows your member of staff to access their emails, web pages and LoB applications whilst out of the office, this helps to make sure that they will continue to be productive and in communication when required.

Depending on your location and network, 5G may be available as an additional bolt-on, allowing up to 100 x the speed of 4G.

Making sure your team can communicate to clients during working hours is a great way to increase customer service, apps like Zoom, Teams and Slack allow you to be able to connect visually whilst on the move.

Unlimited Minutes & Texts

Making sure your team can communicate via voice & text is a stable part of being able to keep in contact with clients and members of the team.

We have gone passed the days where you had to worry about your voice and text plan, unlimited should be a staple part of a business plan.

Free Roaming

48 countries in Europe allow for your data to be used when travelling abroad allowing for staff to be accessible even when travelling for work.

No additional cost necessary for you to be able to use your tariff allowance which allows you to have total control about staying in contact when outside of the UK and in selected countries.

If you are going to a country outside of the free roam area, Roam Further allows America, Canada, Russia or New Zealand to use your inclusive data for £5.

Wi-Fi Calling

When you are in an area with bad signal but Wi-Fi coverage, you will be able to make the call over the internet for free and will just be taken out of your bundled allowance. The receiving user does not even need to be on the Wi-Fi to receive the call.

No App to download, automatically calls via the internet if you have no signal even on the London Underground!

Mobile spend cap

New regulations from 1st October 2018 states that all communication providers for mobile services must provide them with the option to put a monthly spend cap on their plans for additional charges above the signed into price plan.

Please note that the spend cap only effects:

  • Out of allowance calls, SMS, MMS and data charges
  • Calling abroad (IDD) and roaming
  • Premium voice/SMS access charge

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices exclude VAT
  • Every March your Monthly price plan cost will go up in line with the retail price index (RPI)
  • Subject to stock availability
  • Deals are subject to change at any time without prior notice